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Our Company

Our Company

The main activities of the ZALAVÍZ Waterworks Company are water production, management and distribution, disposal and cleaning of sewage.

We are also providing the following services:

  • laboratory test of drinking water and sewage, 
  • drain cleaning, 
  • well repairing.

The legal predecessor of the company was founded in 1960 to provide the town of Zalaegerszeg with water services. Now - after having built out provincial public utilities, sewage disposal and cleaning systems - it runs 40 drinking water plants and 20 sewage plants in 162 settlements of Zala county. On its operational premises 150 thousand people are supplied with the water services of ZALAVÍZ. The company was changed into a joint-stock company in 1996.

In accordance with our quality and environmental policy the company has the ISO 9001; ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 28001 certifications.